Over 50 Antarctic microbial datasets in mARS!

Earlier this month mARS reached a new milestone, when the 50thgeo-referenced and environmentally annotated microbial dataset was documented. Collectively, mARS now counts nearly 2000 samples that cover large parts of the Antarctic continent and the Southern Ocean. The registered datasets implement a wide variety of experimental methods, including culture collections, amplicon sequencing studies and environmental … Continue reading Over 50 Antarctic microbial datasets in mARS!

METHANOBASE final meeting

In October 2018, mARS attended the final meeting of the METHANOBASE project (project website: http://maialenbarret.wixsite.com/methanobase). One of the aims of the METHANOBASE project (funded by ERANet-LAC) was to profile microbial communities using amplicon and metagenome sequencing techniques to investigate the relations between microbial diversity and methane emissions in Arctic, Subarctic and Subantarctic ecosystems. This generated a … Continue reading METHANOBASE final meeting