ATLAS Release

A new atlas, providing the most thorough audit of marine life in the Southern Ocean, is published this week by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). Leading marine biologists and oceanographers from all over the world spent the last four years compiling everything they know about ocean species from microbes to whales. It’s the … Continue reading ATLAS Release

mARS White Paper

Creating the Microbial Antarctic Resource SystemDr. Alison Murray, Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences, Desert Research InstituteDr. Bruno Danis, Marine Biology Lab, Université Libre de BruxellesDr. Anton Van de Putte,, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural SciencesDraft version 0.3 (July 2013)Capturing commentsWe are now welcoming comments on this White Paper in order to to give … Continue reading mARS White Paper

About this Blog

This Blog is intended to be a place for reflection on the setup and deployment of the new Microbial Antarctic Resources System (mARS). mARS is devoted to respond to the urgent need expressed by the Antarctic microbial research community to be able to discover and access existing data and to agree on operating procedures and … Continue reading About this Blog statistics part I: Facebook statistics part I: Facebook With we try to be active on different social media platforms as one of the channels to communicate with target audiences. In this way we do not only provide Free and #openaccessto #Antarctic#biodiversitydata but also to the people behind the project J. Our public online library on Mendeley allows … Continue reading statistics part I: Facebook

AntaBIF after the SCAR OSC

mARS workshop   The SCAR OSC proved to be a busy week for the Antarctic Biodiversity Information Facility Team. During the Open Science Conference and related meetings we took every opportunity to promote free and open access to Antarctic Biodiversity data for science, conservation and management purposes. The SCAR OSC conference offered the opportunity to … Continue reading AntaBIF after the SCAR OSC

mARS at the SCAR Conference

mARS organized an information workshop in the framework of the SCAR Open Science Conference, to inform the microbiologists community about the concept underlaying the initiative. Alison Murray and Bruno Danis gave presentations to inform the audience about the scope and potential of the project. These presentations are available on Slideshare. A good consensus was reached … Continue reading mARS at the SCAR Conference