mARS @ SCAR 2016

  SCAR MEETING Announcements: We will have a short presentation, demonstration of the data system followed by discussion and questions session at the SCAR Open Science meeting in Kuala Lumpur on Monday August 22nd. Please join us!! Date: Monday, 22 August Time: 13:00-14:00 Location: KLCC, Room: 307 On Friday August 26th we will have a … Continue reading mARS @ SCAR 2016

The Antarctic Biodiversity Portal @SCAR OSC 2016

    The Antarctic biodiversity portal will be very active there presenting multiple poster and oral presentations as well as organising several side meetings. For this reason both Nabil and Anton will be attending. biodiversityaq_invite_SCAR2016 We will also have our annual steering committee meeting there. This meeting is open to all and can be attended virtually … Continue reading The Antarctic Biodiversity Portal @SCAR OSC 2016

Encontro ciência 2016

The Antarctic Biodiversity Portal was invited by the Portugese Polar Program - ProPolar to give a talk on "Biodiversity informatics for Polar Regions - how to transform data into knowledge" at the Encontro ciência 2016. "Ciência 2016 is an annual meeting , open to the entire scientific community , for the presentation and discussion of the main … Continue reading Encontro ciência 2016

mARS White Paper

Creating the Microbial Antarctic Resource SystemDr. Alison Murray, Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences, Desert Research InstituteDr. Bruno Danis, Marine Biology Lab, Université Libre de BruxellesDr. Anton Van de Putte,, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural SciencesDraft version 0.3 (July 2013)Capturing commentsWe are now welcoming comments on this White Paper in order to to give … Continue reading mARS White Paper