New paper: How many species in the Antarctic?

  The IPY sister-projects CAML and SCAR-MarBIN provided a timely opportunity, a strong collaborative framework and an appropriate momentum to attempt assessing the “Known, Unknown and Unknowable” of Antarctic marine biodiversity. To allow assessing the known biodiversity, SCAR-MarBIN “Register of Antarctic Marine Species (RAMS)” was compiled and published by a panel of 64 taxonomic experts. … Continue reading New paper: How many species in the Antarctic?

CAML IPY data policy

International Polar Year 2007-2008: ( version June 2005) PDF version: CAML IPY DataPolicy (PDF) Introduction The IPY 2007-2008, an intense, interdisciplinary, and internationally coordinated campaign of research and observations, will deepen understanding of polar processes and their global linkages. IPY knowledge and the observations upon which it is built must be effectively managed to ensure the … Continue reading CAML IPY data policy