Open Data Handbook

An interesting read for those interested in open data. The Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2004 and dedicated to promoting open data and open content in all their forms – including government data, publicly funded research and public domain cultural content. They published a handbook on open data that "introduces … Continue reading Open Data Handbook

mARS and chocolates

Another mARS meeting took place in Brussels, to wrapup the White Paper on mARS and start collecting feedback from the community before the project is validated and starts building the initial content. We would like the process to be transparent and participative, so we are now welcoming comments on the White Paper, through a dedicated … Continue reading mARS and chocolates

About this Blog

This Blog is intended to be a place for reflection on the setup and deployment of the new Microbial Antarctic Resources System (mARS). mARS is devoted to respond to the urgent need expressed by the Antarctic microbial research community to be able to discover and access existing data and to agree on operating procedures and … Continue reading About this Blog statistics part I: Facebook statistics part I: Facebook With we try to be active on different social media platforms as one of the channels to communicate with target audiences. In this way we do not only provide Free and #openaccessto #Antarctic#biodiversitydata but also to the people behind the project J. Our public online library on Mendeley allows … Continue reading statistics part I: Facebook

AntaBIF after the SCAR OSC

mARS workshop   The SCAR OSC proved to be a busy week for the Antarctic Biodiversity Information Facility Team. During the Open Science Conference and related meetings we took every opportunity to promote free and open access to Antarctic Biodiversity data for science, conservation and management purposes. The SCAR OSC conference offered the opportunity to … Continue reading AntaBIF after the SCAR OSC

mARS at the SCAR Conference

mARS organized an information workshop in the framework of the SCAR Open Science Conference, to inform the microbiologists community about the concept underlaying the initiative. Alison Murray and Bruno Danis gave presentations to inform the audience about the scope and potential of the project. These presentations are available on Slideshare. A good consensus was reached … Continue reading mARS at the SCAR Conference


The Antarctic Biodiversity Information Facility Team will be present throughout the SCAR Open Science conference. We're focusing on free and open access to Antarctic Biodiversity data for science, conservation and management purposes. All our resources are shared online, and are under a CC-BY license, meaning that you may use the content of this material, on … Continue reading ANTABIF at the SCAR OSC

A quick guide to publishing data using the IPT

As part of our capacity building kit, Anton has prepared a very nice step-by-step guide on how to use the ANTABIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit, based on the Canadensys data publication guide. Besides giving general information on the importance of publishing data in biodiversity information networks, the guide takes the user through the 8 major steps … Continue reading A quick guide to publishing data using the IPT

Modelisation workshop for the Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean

An international team is currently meeting in Villefranche sur Mer (France) to advance on the modelisation section of the iAtlas. The modelisation workshop is hosted by the Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche sur Mer. We’ll be mashing up tons of environmental and biotic data, to come up with predictive maps for selected taxa, or groups of … Continue reading Modelisation workshop for the Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean