The Antarctic Biodiversity Portal @SCAR OSC 2016




AntaBIF_Logo_CMYKThe Antarctic biodiversity portal will be very active there presenting multiple poster and oral presentations as well as organising several side meetings. For this reason both Nabil and Anton will be attending. biodiversityaq_invite_SCAR2016

We will also have our annual steering committee meeting there. This meeting is open to all and can be attended virtually as well.

Date: Tuesday, 23 August

Time: 13:00-15:00

Location: KLCC, Room: 408

Join remotely with gotomeeting:  Please join my meeting, 23 Aug 2016 at 05:00 GMT.

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During this meeting we will provide an update on the activities of the Antarctic Biodiversity Portal. Notably as a Belgian Federal Contribution to the EU lifewatch project. This is also your opportunity to provide feedback and to help steer this project in a good direction.


From AntaBIS to AntaBIS

Towards a Virtual Lab within EU-lifewatch

Update on activities of the last year

Short update on various projects

Register of Antarctic (marine) Species

mARS (more detail on mARS during our August 22nd meeting).

Community input…


See you there…..



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