mARS @ SCAR 2016



SCAR MEETING Announcements:

  1. We will have a short presentation, demonstration of the data system followed by discussion and questions session at the SCAR Open Science meeting in Kuala Lumpur on Monday August 22nd. Please join us!!

Date: Monday, 22 August
Time: 13:00-14:00
Location: KLCC, Room: 307

  1. On Friday August 26th we will have a hands on training session where you can bring your laptop, data set, and sit down with us to initiate the process of registering your data set with mARS, get familiar with the standard formats that we are using for environmental data submission as well as for sequence set metadata.

Date: Friday, 26 August
Time: 14:00-19:00
Location: KLCC, Room: 410

Both meeting are open but registration is recommended. Priority is given to registered participants or on a first come first served basis.

Specific mARS updates –

We have a few key developments that we’d love to get some feedback from you on. We have a beta-test site where these can be seen.

Check out the new “search” and “graphs” tabs as well as poke around on this currently operational version. We are activity seeking your input here – so if you seen typos, have suggestions for improved functionality etc., let us know by email.

We are looking for people with DATA! Please, consider the added value that your contribution will make towards realizing the extent of studies that have been, or are currently being conducted in Antarctica to study this amazingly rich resource of microbial diversity. We are eager to work with you to get your data sets represented in mARS. This is the REAL THING! You do not need to have your data published yet, but for your sequences to be represented they need to be in a public repository. You can simply register your project and study area; or if you have environmental data that you want to upload – you can do the first two steps; then when you are ready – you can upload the sequence set metadata and ultimately link to your sequence data.

The intent is data discovery – and it will be realized if you participate. This data submission fulfills National Program data sharing requirements and at the same time makes your hard work discoverable!

See you in Malaysia and if you can’t make the meeting, contact us with your inputs on the Beta version, and with data sets and questions about how to use mARS.

In the fall we plan to schedule a few on line training sessions as well.

Alison Murray,
Nabil Youdjou,
Bruno Danis,
Anton Van de Putte

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