A quick guide to publishing data using the IPT

As part of our capacity building kit, Anton has prepared a very nice step-by-step guide on how to use the ANTABIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit, based on the Canadensys data publication guide. Besides giving general information on the importance of publishing data in biodiversity information networks, the guide takes the user through the 8 major steps to follow to make your biodiversity data open, interoperable, useful and safe. The 8 easy steps include the following:

1. Register at our IPT instance: drop us a message to get your credentials to start using the IPT
2. Create your resource
3. Create your metadata: provide detailed documentation about your dataset
4. Prepare your data: make it interoperable with existing standards (DarwinCore)
5. Upload your data
6. Map your data against DarwinCore fields
7. Publish your data
8. Register your data

Download your guide to get all the details about these 8 steps. Contact us if you experience any difficulties.


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