New dataset: cnidaria compilation by Dhugal Lindsay (JAMSTEC)

This dataset is a compilaton of occurrence data for Cnidaria extracted from the literature by Dhugal Lindsay. You can view them on a map. The data was extracted from the following papers:
Pags F. & P. R. Pugh 2002. Fuseudoxid: the elusive sexual stage of the calycophoran siphonophore Crystallophyes amygdalina (Clausophyidae: Crystallophyinae). Acta Zoologica 83(4): 329Ð336.
Pugh P.R. & Pags F. 1995. Is Lensia reticulata a diphyine species (Siphonophorae, Calycophora, Diphyidae)? A re-description. Scientia Marina 59(2): 181-192.
Pags F. & Kurbjeweit F. 1994. Vertical distribution and abundance of mesoplanktonic medusae and siphonophores from the Weddell Sea, Antarctica. Polar Biology 14(4): 243-251.
Pags F. & Bouillon J. 1997. A redescription of Paragotoea bathybia Kramp 1942 (Hydroidomedusae: Corymorphidae) with a new diagnosis for the genus Paragotoea. Scientia Marina 61(4): 487-493.

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