New Southern Ocean Isopods dataset available

Isopods are an important component of the Antarctic benthos and can be rich across depth and regions. A lack of dispersive larval stages makes them putatively very vulnerable to climate-induced changes and thus potentially an ideal model taxon for monitoring faunal shifts. This data base is designed to collate distribution records of isopod crustaceans across the Southern Ocean and adjacent seas (S of 30°S) from the intertidal to hadal depths. Based on historical literature and benthic surveys the data base holds information nearly 900 isopod species in > 200 genera and 37 families from more than 3000 locations. More data are currently being added.
Usually, UTM coordinates were entered (in meters); if not specified, stations were only included if a precise location (e.g. False Bay) was given.
This data set presents one of the biggest isopod datasets for the Southern hemisphere (Antarctic, Sub-Antarctic, adjacent oceans S of 30°S: S.-Atlantic, S- Pacific, S. India). It consists of c. 6200 presence records (absence is not collected), collected from 1881 till 2010. The spatial coverage includes most of the Antarctica. The actual database is a relational MS Access table, and the data exist in an OBIS/Darwin Core scheme of its columns.
Find out more on this dataset here

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