First SERF metadata record available in GCMD

SCAR-MarBIN offers a direct access to the content of its database using OGC-compliant webservices (including WMS/WFS). A metadata record describing these services is available from the Global Change Master Directory SERF section. WMS and WFS allow you to dynamically connect to SCAR-MarBIN occurence database using various software clients (ArcView, Matlab, R…) bypassing the Web search interface. You can directly carry out complex geo-analyses using the client you’re most familiar with and to crosslink SCAR-MarBIN biodiversity data with any other georeferenced data using the same protocol. This also offers the possibility to incorporate distribution maps in your own webpages. The layer to be queried for occurrence records is named scarmarbin:geoantobis. We also offer two other layers: the background map and the polar convergences (respectively named scarmarbin:slambertmap and scarmarbin:ShpPolarFront).

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